I’ve been playing with P2.5 and other RGB panels for a few months now on/ off in my spare time. I’m using the ESP32 dev board with dma driving the displays, on a custom pcb.

After playing with a number of panels, I’ve decided to go with the 64×64 size full color P2.5 panels, as this has the best bang/buck currently, and its also at the sweet point for where the ESP32 can easily push pixels out at 😉

I’ve gotten code and testing to the point where I think its close to being useful, and could potentially be a working product. This site will document progress on that.

So far code is mostly working, although needs tweaking (as does all code!).

Initial implementation has gif decoding, FFAT support, and a few effects – plasma etc.

My goal is to make the panel completely addressable from a computer – so that other people can use it for things like Pixel art design, or viewing animation, video or other small 64×64 sized output.

Casing is eventually going to be acrylic, based on existing panel size. Prototype for that is already cut, but need to amend for mounting.

First prototype surrounds using picture framing –

Newer prototype surrounds using laser cut acrylic