Added code to allow for user configuration now. Reset button held for > 2 seconds will reset the device eeprom and wifi, and default to AP mode till reconfigured. Also working on auto updating via central system, as I found a nice github example here – Slow, but steady progress!

Taking… Stock

Having a display is good and fine, but at some point it needs to be useful, or its just a silly toy. So…, I updated the code to have some useful functionality (for me at least).Now it pulls AQI data for PM25 info, gets the latest stock data for a given stock, and scrolls the […]

Conways game of life

Sparkly version of game of life. Some mild changes – library has been updated, now no unwanted spurious pixels lit up. Power usage is workable on USB still too. I/R in progress, but some cache issues looking into.

SD Card Notes

SD CARD I/O PINS SCK (Serial Clock) MOSI (Master Out Slave In) -> card MISO (Data in) <- card. [ ergo can use any GPIO > 33 and save an i/o pin! ] CS or SS (Chip select) VCC GND Board Pins SPI pins – 4 needed, [3 I/O, 1 input] Available – GPIO22,23, 32, […]

PCB test

New PCB arrived, first test to (not) let the magic smoke out worked. I’ll probably do another revision to add space for a zener diode on the board input just in case(tm), and an on/off switch, and move the 3.3v, 5v, gnd to a separate pin header than the gpio’s, and maybe finalize the SD […]

PCB Render

Still waiting on the “real” board, but heres a render of the work in progress. My first KiCad board – took about 6 hours, although that included learning Kicad! Next revisions should be faster. Board has already gone to production – a whole 10 pieces should be arriving in a day or two. Yay for […]


Work in progress on adding compatibility. Still a little buggy, as having some issues with UDP packet framing. Psuedo-working, albeit in small area, although a little glitchy still. Once debugged should be fine to drive the whole panel. Addendum – found the issue – memory leak in the ESP32 arduino UDP library, the patch […]

Note to self To remove the green boogies on output. Hardware also viable – to test more boards, find optimal design board, or do in software with lsb Great description of driving boards here -

Board Pinouts

Reference board PCB – ESP32 Dev PIN NOTES – D1 (TX), D3 (RX) ostensibly usable, but for debug needs are still in use for serial. GPI36, GPI39, GPI34, GPI35 (input only pins) GPIO32, GPIO33, GPIO22, GPIO23 Other pins:GPIO12 (12 can be used post boot. if held low = reset). EN not wired, as its useless […]